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If you have a corrugated metal roof, you may need to re-tighten the screws about every 10 years. Thus you would be looking at spending anywhere from $4,500 to 10,500 for a new asphalt shingles roof on a 1,500 sq. See our responses to some of our most frequently asked questions. Get answers to frequently asked questions about metal roofing. Purchase the materials through a discount supplier and negotiate a lower installation cost with the contractor since the materials are already on site. Standing seam roofs are eco-friendly because they are highly energy efficient, long-lasting, and recyclable. Metal roofs are designed to reflect sunlight and reduce the heat transferred into a home or building, resulting in lower cooling costs and higher energy savings.

This makes a metal roof the only truly green and eco-friendly roofing material. However, depending on the type of system and complexity of the problem, the total price can be a lot higher.


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A Snapshot of Metal Roof Cost

Schedule an inspection every 1 to 3 years, after a severe storm or if you notice any signs of water damage. Building permits — Typically, the roofing contractor will secure any necessary permits and include the cost in his charges.

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Metal Roof Repair Calculator

Clean and dry the area, including a 6-inch margin around the hole. When their projects are done, they fill out a short cost survey. There are Gerard Usa, Metro Tile, Decra – these are the biggest. You can search for “stone coated roof” and other variations of this.

Installing a metal roof over a low pitch is much easier and quicker compared to a high pitch roof architecture. If your roof is curved, expect to pay at least 50% more for labor compared to a standard roof install. When estimating the total materials cost, roofers will include a waste factor of about 5-20% depending on the architectural design of your roof and the metal roof style you choose. In this guide we will dive into metal roofing prices in great detail to help you figure out if installing a metal roof is financially worth while.

Improperly maintained gas or wood-burning appliances, such as furnaces, water heaters, and wood stoves, can also be a source of ignition. Mold can cause shingles to deteriorate, allowing moisture to seep in and cause rot and leaks. It can also lead to the growth of moss, which can trap moisture and further damage the roof. The seams are also often soldered, which creates an even stronger bond.